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Devil cut in Vapeciga vv mods is the output voltage of the housing model was designed based. 18650 Integration of the battery cavity, the double output based on the voltage set by a dial on the base M 2 II Box VV Mod. And has a color chart with a texture very detailed relief.


Built from strong PC alloys and zinc materials, the chassis Dovpo a light and durable to withstand the fall of light weight and drops. Magnet behind the access panel battery bay dual battery perforated receive a pair of 18650 batteries sold separately.


mode based on DC voltage output DOVPO M VV 2 Mod Box II color using life indicator relays battery voltage light associated with each LED color.


At the top of M VV II Box 510 mod is a threaded fitting and gold-plated to ensure a reliable connection and good driver.


DOVPO VV II M 2 Comments Spinfuel vaporizer


DOVPO M 2 VV II Case Mod Features:

Size – 91mm by 53mm by 27mm

High Amp batteries 18650 Double – Not included

The range of output voltage: 1.0-8.0V

Resistance Range: 0:08 – 3.5ohm

chassis construction + zinc alloy PC

Intuitive fire buttons

Adjustable voltage line – 5 Adjustments

LED battery indicator

Magnetic battery door

low-voltage protection

Protection against overheating

Overtime protection vaping

Reverse polarity protected

Short circuit protection

open protection -Circuit

Protect the temperature

510 gold plating nipple


DOVPO M 2 VV Mod II box includes:

Device 1 M VV II

1 USB Type C Cable

1 User


Impressions and Estheticians

At first glance, vapeciga squonk vape resembles a double standard 18650 vaporizer mod. The composite plastic resistant zinc alloy and outer, high enough to sufficiently wide and deep, heavy and secured all is well, but also has a standard problem. There is much interest (especially with the type design devil of the total), but if you have the Aegis GeekVape legend, you will not drop this VV mod M 2 II.


M 2 VV II Prints Cont …

Dovpo M VV II 2 secondary compounds graphics side ExamplesThough is very well done, and the design is a stage of attack is simple, it feels a bit cheaper than the original M VV. I do not know if you are losing weight, or just feel composite plastic in your hands, but there is less affect the second light back and said vibration was a little pleasure.


But as an older brother, I grew up in the aesthetics of simple design – the demons and skulls are always welcome. Although I liked the way the alloy feel in my hands, had not felt the same durability and quality here. But it all seemed so strong and durable that is likely to enjoy the device, even without a bold display, light shows and leather handle adjustment LED.


M2 simple command to VV II

To control the main power of a simple, quick and prompt manner. Using a screwdriver or long nail, you can adjust based on the resistance of the atomizer to connect their power. Well presented Manual describes the appropriate settings for each level, and within seconds I had my M 2 II VV perfectly prepared for the head of 0.25 ohm coils.


Packing for dovpo basium squonk show new The be called well prepared as in the original – firm and secure, to ensure no pockets struggle chance vaporizer that can endanger your safety or. But it is also easy to use, and just enough to stay hidden on the road.


battery panel

I am very happy to see the back panel of the magnetic battery corrected Dovpo the original problem, which remained in his later rather than March, but surprisingly challenging trying to fix it, to equal that magnets have deadlocks that connection refused. This time, the battery is flush doors and keep out of the way.


M 2 VV II overflow atomizer?

My only complaint? First, the width M 2 VV II remains a concern. Although it was wider than the original media, framework slope, there will be a projection with most modern sprayers. Anything above 25 mm is likely to influence the edge change, regardless of the base of the tank was designed.


It is safe?

In addition, specifications claimed device power range is “200W” which give a definite answer. Mech style mods are dangerous in the wrong hands, and even if there are plenty of built-in protection PO2 VV II, why not tempt fate with atomizers? Honestly, Dovpo, get that straightened out.


Vaping MVV II

Let me start this section by repeating that I like Dovpo 2 M VV II, much as I have enjoyed forebearer – remain the only mechanism (and the like) Mech-mods in my collection because I just do not like vaping style. Despite the lack of control system still is an amazing device that I do not feel unsafe to me during the session of the heavy vaporizer. And it’s a good thing, believe me.


Advertising in Spinfuel

Foster Dovpo M 2 VV II hard

Vapeciga dovpo 230w Error II Spinfuel Review and pushed me hard. A double to 18,650 cells fully charged and the device is in the proper voltage, living fog M 2 VV II with the best of them.


However, there are ups and downs. For starters, the indicator light 3 color LED Lets you know when you place the battery, and if there is an error or misinterpretation. The lights are fine until you reach the lowest level of power … and when users need it most. Personally, I prefer the look of the original 4-in depth but to each his / her own.


Unfortunately, also like the original, when my cell falls below 40% of the remaining costs, M2 VV II experienced a significant drop in performance. After removal of the cells and check their power is left in the charger, I was mod should have given more time before the flavor and vapor suffer.


Since there is no load on the front of the port, the spare parts are ready, my friends. Battery performance itself is quite nice. But this makes me think twice before taking M 2 VV II for the day.



– Sustainable construction, hybrid outer

Graphic improved “evil” –

– Powerful attractive full load



– Plastic significantly cheaper than expected

– the only LED in battery somewhat limited

– Battery performance are not accurate


REVIEW Vape vaporizer topside dual mod get code Recommendations and ratings

If you are a mech mod converts, or if you want to experience a simplified procedure, which Dovpo M 2 VV II is a solid choice, if nothing special for the next purchase. This gives strength and mechanical performance, with enough protection to keep things safe, so it is an excellent hybrid device can help cut down some of the barriers between styles vaping. More importantly, M2 VV II good fried when loaded. If only it lasted a little longer.


The bottom line? The Dovpo M 2 VV II is not as powerful as its predecessor, but the quality vaporizer which had here. Everything will come down to preference to the end of the day.


You can buy here:dovpo box   https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/dovpo

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