Dovpo Topside Dual Squonk Mod

By vapesmoant

Dovpo Topside Dual

  • What’s in the box
  • leaflet byproduct in the intermediate image size is pretty good. Once open, you dual pre-installed with the 10 ml bottle of  Topside Squonk. You can also get another Squonk 10 ml bottle with double meaning and hot swap meet.
  • 1 x double Dovpo Topside Mod Squonk
  • 2 x 10 ml bottle Squonk (a) installed1 x Micro-USB Cable
  • 1 x micro-USB cable
  • 1 x Battery Consumption Warning Map
  • 1x instructionmanul
  • 1 x portion bag


A collaboration between Dovpo and double steam Chronicles Brian roof only two names in the industry who know what they are doing. This is evident with the original Topside, as it has a high filling innovative method which, though unknown, remarkably well.

The trigger flysheet to 200W, is sent to the control mode of the temperature, and the characteristics of this full same port Squonk higher. No need to remove the Squonk bottle to fill the top of the double; Simply unscrew the cap for the Ministry of Defense and fill away! This makes it one of the practical designs squonking and actually reduces the clutter to fill your bottle,Vandy Vape Widowmaker RDA.

Double roof is very similar to the original superstructure, but of course it is a little wider because of the extra battery. It is also a bit heavier than the original, but is waiting for a battery Squonk double mod.

Diisi Over The Harbor Squonk

The main features of the dual ports on Squonk completely. Like the original works and superstructure itself uses exactly the same bottle and the train system. So if you own more than the house and buy a superior double portions, four bottles  has Squonk can be used!

Refillable Squonk very easy. Begin to solve the knurled on top of the unit. This cap has a spring for a tight fit and fit without leakage, and the cable is very soft. the lid is opened after opening the lid. Pull the plug and can now access openings to fill. There are two ports full of good size and can fit two drippers and smoothly. Due to the hollow design, it is almost impossible to reverse the juice during filling.

Furthermore, the bottom of the reservoir cap two rubber seals. to completely prevent leakage of gaskets and Squonk filling the compartment. I am aware that a double roof a fraction easier it is to organize 90W and remove, and that is certainly a welcome improvement; Now working as a good butter.

Check Prices Drum

It is located on the side of the bottle Squonk is the battery compartment. Topside 18,650 take two doubles and slipped on a tray of delicate and can be easily done. No tearing battery and not too tight. The battery compartment must have a big boost here for me.

In addition to a robust, easy access battery cover to be folded. Instead of jumping, it is the entrance of the road when it is fully open. Dovpo also listen to the people here, and have a positive and a negative indicator white for better visibility of the play.

Display And Buttons

The top is double with a 0.96 inch OLED;

exactly the same as found in the 90W superstructure. WOTOFO Profile 1.5 RDA 24mm,This black and clear and easy to read and white. battery, power, voltage, current and individual resistance is indicated and is very easy to use and operate.

There are three buttons: a great fire, and two small buttons. Shutter button on top of the unit and rounded and raised. It also has a raised ring which goes around the perimeter. He is a genius, because the juice leaks, simply unfold and around the shutter button instead. the design is very thoughtful. Shutter button works perfectly and is very sensitive. No toy buttons, but clicks the button and feel good.

The small dials and well rounded, and works as well as the shutter button. This command is arranged to the device of the background, and easy to reach and operate.

High Ganda keys

settings lock button: + Keep settings and – at the same time for several seconds. is the “KEY LOCKED” screen is displayed. keep it open knob.

fire lock button: Click the shutter button three times quickly. the “locked fire Keys” screen. To unlock, press the shutter button three times.

Hidden Mode: switch (see above) lock, press the correct configuration quickly three times. Now you can not light a fire screen.

Change Mode: Hold – hiring and firing key simultaneously. Will guide you to a menu where you can choose your way. Number of puff pastry and total time: you can see here and their statistics. Unbelievable.

Watt TC mode change: + Maintain control buttons and the shutter button when the desired mode TC. Watts starts flashing. Use the selection button performance tuning. When finished, use to confirm the release.

The Final Verdict

If you read a review, you probably know what I think of this mod – it was incredible. Not much that I can find to criticize a superior double face TC next lowest yield, which is something that can be fixed. Further disadvantage is that it is a bit difficult. But as I said, it’s not dual battery Squonk expected mod. If you want power, you are under weight. For me, the Ganda superstructure is the closest I’m mod Squonk “perfect.”

Top Ganda eliminate all the disadvantages of using the MOD Squonk and lets you enjoy the most convenient way using RDA. Until next time, have experience!