Make the switch to vaping and then to encourage

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In Vapor4life, our goal has always been to help smokers make the switch to vaping and then to encourage vapers to gradually reduce nicotine level. The ultimate goal is a life free of nicotine and vaping completely. For this reason we offer a wide selection of devices and ejuices vaping. Our series on the way to zero nicotine has already presented several of these options.

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Zero Nicotine way: Vapor Titan



The popularity of pods Vape prefilled and disposable Vapes was kick started by nic salts. Visit our view of the front Juul vUse Alto for a summary of the benefits and limitations of prefilled Vape kits, the main weakness of which is a federal ban removed with pods taste and cars prefilled market.

Smooth and satisfying, the lowest pH nic salts allows manufacturers eJuice pawl power up to five or even more than 6 percent. However, even at these levels, nic salts have a soft knock throat.

Most manufacturers Nic Sal beating out two strengths eJuice, the lower end of the power ranges between 2.5 and 3.5 percent. The most potent nic salts usually hit between 4.5 and 5 percent, but above 6 percent and is not uncommon in disposable.

Vapers looking to ratchet down their nicotine eJuice regular basis is often the answer. VG high eliquids great work on devices with low resistance and generate huge clouds. The PG ejuices like Fluctuation and Premium line, have the flavor glass. Now is the time to take a look at the Vape pods on the market that would make a great vehicle in the lower nicotine unit.


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rechargeable kits sheath vaporizer are not exactly synonymous with lower nicotine Vape juices. They are associated with salt ejuices nic. But as this segment has developed multiple pods options have been available and many models have interchangeable coils. This gives them the flexibility to handle any type of vaporizer juice.

rechargeable vaporizer pod kits come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Ranging from the powerful Smok RPM8o the little Baton V2. Now let’s take a look at some of the best Vape refillable pods on the market today.



RPM means the actual pod mod. Apart from its even bigger brother, the Smok RPM80, there is no vaporizer sheath with greater flexibility. Check out our feature comparison of Smok RPM40 RPM80 against the Smok. Power adjustable and two huge coils families to choose from, you can switch between high salt resistance coils and low coils NIC lower Vape perfect resistance to nicotine juice.


The Smok RPM40 comes with two pods. There Nord sheath, which is compatible with the entire family of coils Nord. Then there is the RPM sheath. Both come with the kit RPM40 Smok vape pod, the pod is delivered RPM with a mesh coil cloud chucking 0.4ohm fail to maximum output of the RPM40 40w. 0.6ohm coil Nord is also famous for its high VG vaporizer chops juice. Nic salts are covered but two, the sheath Nord supports coils exceptional ceramic 1.4ohm. With a selection of options headspinning coil and solid performance. There is no better device for switching between NIC and lower sales ejuices regular nicotine.



The Smok Novo 2 closely resembles the original, Smok Novo, but it’s a huge improvement. It has a 800 mAh battery, which is twice the life of the original. But retains the same tiny size and provides the same tight Draw automatic success. The Smok Novo has two options updated sheath, 1.0ohm and 1.4ohm Regular mesh sheath. They offer both tremendous flavor. The 1.0ohm mesh is designed for regular ejuices and the greatest power of 2 le Novo VG juices can handle higher. Here is our comparison of Novo Smok Smok against the Novo 2.



Click here to see the pod Vape vaporizer lost Orion alignment.

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