VOOPOO Drag S VW Pod Mod

By vapesmoant

Introducing Products And Specifications

Voopoo water rocked again mod sheath, with two new deliveries in drag Vape mods online success. The DRAG S and X are two IOPs capsule type with the same coil PnP Vinci online and in many respects, it appears direct successor in the respective Vinci Vinci and X.
Both devices are equipped with the GENE-TT chipset, with 4.5 ml pods, and charging via USB type CS has a 2600 internal battery mAh, while the 18650-x takes really felt more like a mod, especially since 510 adapter is in Voopoo works.
Usually they need about two weeks of daily use before you start working on a review, but two have to make an exception  Seven E-liquid. I use a non-stop for a week and have gone to the DL configuration for vaping. Read on to find out what impresses me DRAG X and S.

Price: $34.83

Colors: marsala, carbon fiber, retro, Classic, mashup,galaxy blue, chestnut

Strength and design

Let’s start with aesthetics: this kit is great! I received a mashup and publishing retro, and I honestly could not find one thing to criticize from the standpoint of design. skin texture and detail, fabric texture issues “mashup” and the original vibration of Aegis, drag X and S are some of the most attractive and well built device j ‘time consuming. I’m not 100% sure that Voopoo using genuine leather in them, but it seems realistic to me.

Perhaps some will not be as big drag marks in the future, but better mix that makes mods. And after all, it is one of the things known dragline. The screen is large, bright and colorful and strength visible even with direct sunlight. PCTG transparent materials used in the sheath, which is suitable for the mod and looks a bit like a hat aftermarket RDA transparent appeal. Really, control system airflow, and even looks stunning, unlike Vinci, airflow fully adjustable in drag. Color me impressed!
Both devices are slightly smaller than their counterparts in the line of Vinci, and have a better idea of ​​the hand of a round shape. A 95 mm x 32.5 mm x 28 mm, 8 mm Drag DRAG X is greater than S, and is slightly larger than the average mod 18650. Ti and the shape and width reduction, large form factor both devices. As regards weight, traction sa about 150 grams is significantly heavier than the original Vinci, while 165 grams of barriers X is about 175 grams Vinci X. In addition to its size and weight, the only difference between X and S are X has a battery cover, feels high quality, easy to open and click to safety.
Pods come with a lid that is much better than skin back tooth Vinci, and great strong magnet. In addition, an integrated sound rounds the moment and feels like a large DL 510S made vaping. Overall, dragged spend quality construction and design of the test with flying colors.

Getting Started

GENE.TT chipset feels like a chip GENE.AI updated with important additions. There are ways of qualifying scores have about half of the screen, which calculates some sort of score every time you take a breath and added to the cumulative score. It seems that the administration of certain embodiments according to the level or something like that. The fund has a scoring average is not necessary in my opinion. I’ll keep the whole screen space for something more useful. But it is not a decisive factor.

Plus you get your power, voltage, resistance, and the battery meter on the screen. A fairly simple.

  • Five clicks from the power button, must device on and off.
  • Three clicks the shutter button to toggle between “smart” and “RBA” in X (you can change between Nne a button and automatic fall well).
  • Press up or down to adjust the power.
  • A high-low pressure is set between the interface of supply (keep the fire for 2 seconds to exit).
  • By clicking on the event of fire while the interface chipset gasp Info.
  • A pulsar together fire and restores its number of daily breathing.
  • Fire Press and locking devices together (you can not remove or change watts when locked).
  • Press three keys simultaneously entered clock interface (API hold the button for 2 seconds to exit).

Excluding the scoring mode, which does not allow the interaction of each well, the rest is very similar to the Vinci line. Puff counter shows the number of 14 days and all basically the same key combo. And like Vincis, X and S goes to sleep when not in use for a while, and you will need to hit the fire to wake them up. Fortunately, you have 30 minutes to go to standby to slip, it should not be a problem too often.

Under the full cloves, and the load port is large enough to use even with drops. To replace the coil, all you have to do is pull the old and pushed a new one in. Both devices automatically adjust the power once the pods in place.
Or you can use the two buttons on automatic drawing and fashion, while X does not support auto-draw. It was a recurring theme (which also Vinci X does not support auto-Draw) and I think there is a restriction that comes with an external battery. In any case, I do not care about self-draw on a device like this, so I personally do not mind at all. Finally, the camera firmware is updated, but notes that “data will be rejected road side type C marked with a triangle.”


Both devices are equipped with a 0.3 ohm coils (diagnosis for details), while DRAG X also contains a mesh of 0.15 ohms at 60-80 watts nominal coil, and drag nets S 0 2 ohm nominal coil 40-60 watts. This new coil has an attractive design with a hole axis which dramatically reduces not really sure that the hole is sufficiently exposed to allow adequate absorption. I tried both coils 70/30 and 80/20 mg three juice and found that go without a fight.

0.15 ohm coils produce excellent flavor and impressive 60-65 watts cloud airflow around ¾ open. I recommend using only 25 amps VTC5As battery, and no more than 70 watts when the coil is used. I really do not see any reason to go even 65 watts to equal the Watts impressive. The only drawback of this coil is that it may funnel hot, especially when the chain vaping in it. This is more of a problem with fresh rolls, and a small price to pay for a coil that operates at a high level.

0.2 Ohm coil, once again, very good taste. Not very cloudy coil of 0.15 ohms, but not much less. It was cold, but not enough to justify an increase in the levels of nicotine. Shut down half of the heated air flow
and helping to taste, but also heats the funnel. I settled for 2/3 of the air flow freely and I think he is a great general freezer.

I do not know how they managed to do it, but I think you see the contact mod pod so dry before. A few drops are barely visible and that’s it! Reel life, I tried both things at once and could not give a specific number (I do not count!). But I can guarantee you will last a long time, because I had filled pods each at least five times (probably closer to seven times), and at the same time quite black is for replacement orders, vaping better.

Another interesting thing that I noticed was that good fried rolls of 0.15 ohms in the range of 40-60 watts. It was a close call, but I actually prefer the 0.2 ohm coils, even in this range. Which is great because you will save more battery power in this way. However, whatever the outcome, I suggest getting a second sheath and coil 0.6 ohm to go with it when you are away from home. 0.6 ohm coils can not as tasty as two, but more battery life and a rating of 20-28 watts. You can learn more about this here coils.

I can not deal with this kit because no MTL 1.0 ohm roll left, but it seems that the flow of new air system can not allow a strict MTL vaping. I hope you get to the head of the RBA in the box, but it is fine if you have a lower price. I also think they should redraw without head-Lo RBA tries in the water and Vinci Navi, and it is a real problem to build, especially since the axis of the small Allen screw port and an odd angle.

Finally, Voopoo that the adapter 510 will come, which will allow the X and S for use with your own tank. A tank in ohms matched 24 mm above this change, and I would use MTL tank for additional battery life.